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The Challenges of Healthcare Collection
Health care debt is on the rise as more companies raise deductibles for employee insurance plans. In this economic slowdown, salaries are stagnant and dual income families often are now one-income households or worse. Co-payments are soaring and deductibles in some cases are reaching five figures. A reasonable goal for collection agencies is to collect approximately 5% of healthcare receivables from consumers who are fully self-pay. By comparison, the recovery rate for the self-pay portion of health care bills for consumers with insurance i.e. deductibles and co-pay, average 60%.


  • Don't give up!
  • The recovery process is sometimes complex and difficult. Often, the process involves educating the debtor on their responsibility to pay the bill. A 3rd party collection agency contact shows debtors that you mean business. | more
  • The Chrebet Process
  • We begin the collection procedure immediately upon receipt of your placement, sending a letter informing the debtor that their account has been placed with Chrebet Associates for collection. By law, we are required to advise the debtor of his or her rights and to provide pertinent information regarding the past-due account of that debtor. | more



• Pre-collection services
• Self-pay collection
• Skip Tracing
• Credit Bureau Reporting
• Workers Compensation
• MVA (No-fault-PIP)
• Legal Services
• A/R Clean-up
• Aged A/R Liquidation
• Insurance Verification Process
• Insurance Follow-up Process. | more


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Chrebet Associates would like to meet with you to customize a collection program paying the highest attention to the law and finding solutions to get your bills paid without pushing patients away.

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